Production & Date Description
How They Got Over  

How They Got Over

June 2019

Robert Clem’s documentary about the neglected story of how African-Americans created the upbeat musical form that started out as gospel quartet music and evolved into rock and roll.

Hamilton Burr  

Hamilton Burr

September 2017

Hamilton, constitutional scholar and defender of a strong central government (AND speculated to be of African descent) is determined to stop the political career of a self-made billionaire Burr, who Hamilton sees as a would-be tyrant.  Sound familiar? A staged sound-designed reading of Robert Clem’s screenplay-in-progress, part of the Rosendale Theatre’s Artist’s New Work Forum

Wild Nights  

Wild Nights

June 2016

A fully staged, lit, and sound-designed reading of an original screenplay written and directed by Robert Clem, based on the true story of the turmoil within the family of Emily Dickinson.  Staged at the Rosendale Theatre, Rosendale, NY.

The Passion of Miss Augusta  

The Passion of Miss Augusta

August 2012

A film by Robert Clem; the changing status of women over two centuries, based on the life of author Augusta Jane Evans and her blockbuster 1866 novel St. Elmo.  In development.



July 2010

Robert Clem's documentary film about Robert Cenedella and the state of the fine art scene.  In development.

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Cenedella Lunaire
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Risposta Dell’Artista Alle Critiche Giustificate
Sergeant Provokiev
Waiting for… Budd  

Waiting for… Budd

September 2009

Garry Pastore’s documentary about Budd Schulberg’s valiant attendance on a storm-challenged stage performance of his masterwork On the Waterfront and his death three days later

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Waiting for Budd - Requiem
Malbis Plantation  

Malbis Plantation

July 2008

Robert Clem's film documentary about Greek immigrants in Alabama

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Adagio con Malinconia
Allegretto a la Greco
Andantino con Moto
Eugene Walter:  Last of the Bohemians  

Eugene Walter:  Last of the Bohemians

October 2007
Robert Clem's film about Eugene Walter, who ran away from home at age three and became a wandering poet, Renaissance man of the arts, and collaborator with Fellini and Nino Rota Related Tunes:
Botteghe Oscure
Byzantine Riddle - Waltz
Church Street Graveyard Processional
Dew Drop Inn - Tango
He Raised a Reindeer on Fig Newtons
I Combat Dailiness
La Douce Vie
La Fine Della Caetani
Last of the Bohemians - Overture
Leaves on Fresh Swept Paths
Lightning Bugs Commence Their Play
Mermaid’s Lament
Milking the Moon
Monkey Poem
Prelude - Dansons-nous?
Ride Si Sapis
Ruvane’s Reverie
Sun Field Stars Moon Sky Stars
Sunshine Club
Sweet Lunacy’s County Seat
Triple Sagittarius
Untidy Pilgrim -Waltz
Loco Down  

Loco Down

July 2006

Sexual harassment on Wall Street leads to murder and blackmail in this noir screenplay by Robert Clem.  In development.

Company K  

Company K

October 2003

Feature film based on the William March WWI novel about veterans struggling with the nightmare of war, adapted and directed by Robert Clem

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Company K
Warbirds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator  

Warbirds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator

January 2003

Robert Clem's film portrayal of three WWI pilots, based on Elliott White Springs's autobiographic story of self-sacrifice and regret amid bitter memories of war

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Callahan’s Rag
Diary of an Unknown Aviator - Theme
Grider Blues
Warbidrs - Introduction
Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism  

Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism

January 1996

Robert Clem's film portrait of a flawed yet courageous politician's dramatic rise and fall

Related Tunes:
Big Jim’s Last Hurrah
Cradle of Dixie
Gone Fishing
Lost Opportunity
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Overture - Another Face of Populism
Overture - One Face of Populism
Playing the Race Card
Segregation Now
Suds Bucket Juggernaut
They Slipped Me a Mickey
Uncle John
Y’all Come
This Is College  

This Is College

October 1991

Video series on the importance of overcoming obstacles to go to college, produced by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

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Making the Stones Cry
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