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Fly Away :(

August 06, 2013

Remember those old analogy quizzes?  Here’s one for you:

Guitar    is to    Jimi Hendrix
Synthesizer    is to:    ??? 

Granted, there’s no single right response here.  But mine would be: the great George Duke, who passed away last night. 

Sadly, Seaside’s soaring, stomach-rumbling, scream-inducing JetStar rollercoaster got swept to sea by Sandy.  But if you’re jonesin’ for that thrill ride, just click and give a listen to Jimi’s “House Burning Down” or “Message of Love” (live Band of Gypsies version). 


George Duke’s “Fly Away” or his “Tryin’ & Cryin’.”

Who needs a rollercoaster?

Would love to know who you’d pick for that analogy quiz.

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Jan Hammer, Steve Porcaro, Joe Zawinul, Jordan Rudess, and George Duke

Submitted by Scotty Moran on Aug 06, 2013


this is great, thank you Donald!!

Submitted by craig levine on Aug 07, 2013