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What time is it?

December 05, 2012

5/4, 7/4, yes the time sigs were cool.  But for me, Dave Brubeck’s pinnacle achievement was his quartet’s blues playing.  If you want the crème, turn not to his storied Time Out album, but to the more masterly follow-up, Time Further Out.  Highlights:
— Dave’s and Paul Desmond’s heartwrenching blues turns on Bluette
— Joe Morello’s bluesy solo on Far More Drums, the greatest drum solo ever performed and recorded.  Yes, you heard that right! 
A quirky but lovely, blues-drenched interlude between the Time Out pair is the Brubecks’ (Dave and brother Howard) Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Symphony Orchestra, with Bernstein leading the New York Philharmonic. 
So, dust off an old Brubeck LP (I know you have one; look next to your Sketches of Spain) and spin a timely tune for this recently departed and beloved master.

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