Donald Stark's Story

Guy walks into a bar

July 28, 2012

Guy walks into a bar with his schnauzer.  Bartender says, “You can’t bring a dog into this bar. 
But the guy says, “No, this is a special dog; he can talk.  Check it out; ask him a question.” 
Bartender is dubious, but then he asks the dog, “OK, whatdya call the outside of a tree?”
“Bark!” the dog answers. 
“Hmm,” the bartender says. 
“OK, ask him another question,” the guy says. 
“Alright,” the bartender says, “What do you call the top of a house?” 
“Roof!” replies the dog. 
The bartender isn’t convinced.  “Well, ask something harder,” the guy with the dog says, “more intellectual.”
“OK,” says the bartender, “but one more answer like that and you’re out of here.  Let’s see... Who is the greatest German composer of the twentieth century?” 
The dog thinks for a minute, then answers, “Orff!”
“All right, that’s it!” Says the bartender.  Take that mangy mutt and scram!” 
Guy picks up his dog and, as they leave, the dog turns back to the bartender and says, “What, you think it’s Hindemith?”

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