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The Mozarts of Hair Metal

January 01, 2013

Playwright Michael Puzzo’s passionate drama Spirits of Exit Eleven* imagines a cranky jukebox in a pizza strip joint which patrons feed with their Friday paychecks, playing their hair-metal life soundtracks, waiting for the pole dancers to appear on the dais.  As sound designer for a Theatre Row production of this play, I conferred with Michael about walk-in music — his suggestions, mine, and crew-sourced. 
“Gotta have Def Leppard, AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, G’n’R…” 
“Yeah, the usual suspects.  Even if they’re not on our personal iPods”
“…but,” says Michael, “We must have Led Zeppelin.  Must have.  The Mozarts of metal.”
Mozarts of metal!  Ah, I have found a musical soulmate.
*  If you’re from Jersey, or have ever been prisoner to the Turnpike, you catch the reference.

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