Moonlight my ass!

September 01, 2016

Moonlight my ass! 
That was Beethoven’s publisher’s slimy means to milk a few deutsche marks from the sheet music buying frauleins.
Listen — in that slow first movement — to those prolonged, aching minor ninths, slouching into wince-worthy major sevenths.  Ouch!
Moonlight my ass.  More a cri de coeur:  God, why are you doing this to me!?
Then there’s that hair-on-fire third movement.  Pain becomes rage, and ol’ Ludwig SHREDS it, middle finger to the heavens.
Though Beethoven imagined it, the instrument had not yet been built that could do justice to this sonata.  I’m guessing ol’ Louie would’ve adored this shredder’s version.

Moonlight, shredded like it was supposed to be


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