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Watch out for that ditch!

Music for driving into trees

September 27, 2012

I have a friends-sourcing challenge for you: Suggest a name for a category of music.
• The first time you heard a piece of this type of music, it jolted you.  You’d never heard anything like it before.  The world stopped as you listened.  Dervishes and monkeys froze in place.
• This music struck you in the gut, heart, and mind in equal measure, made your pulse shoot up, your mind reel. 
• This music cracked the walls of what you thought was expressively possible.  You could now imagine a creative world that was locked until this music took possession of you. 
• If you’re a musician, you stood in bewildered awe at the craft: How the f* did they create this?! 
• If your car stereo was cranked at the moment, your life was in peril.
My first shot:
• “Drive-into-a-tree” music
• “Drive-off-the-road” music
• “Drive-into-a-ditch” music
Please help. 
Also, what music would you put in this category?

Categories:   Composers, Musicians, Unified theory of music

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