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May the best man wi… Oh, damn!

October 16, 2012

Gore Vidal wrote Best Man more than half a century ago, but the themes (political dirty tricks and smears, idealism vs cynicism) play out on today’s stage with eye-poppingly contemporary relevance.
At one point, crusty ex-President Hockstader mostly kiddingly quips, “Worst damn thing ever happened to this country, giving the women the vote.” 
I thought: Wow! The setting of this play (1960) is closer in history to before women had the right to vote than it is to today! 
Then I thought: Wow! Here we are today with candidates re-debating women’s right to chose, promulgating the notion that “legitimately raped” women are unlikely to get pregnant is science, and forcing these same rape victims to undergo invasive ultrasound probes purely for the pleasure of witnessing their humiliation and physical pain.
Then I thought: Hey!  This site’s supposed to be about music.  So… Come see the brilliantly directed (by Frank Licato), acted, and designed Best Man at the Summit Playhouse and hear the music I composed for it.

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I really liked this post, Donald. When I was in high school, all the girls were required to take Home Economics. Shop and Mechanical Drawing was for the boys! Women had the right to vote but we could only be teachers, nurses and secretaries!

Submitted by roslyn bernstein on Oct 16, 2012